Support the Festival

In 2015, inspired by your enthusiasm and encouragement for our work, we achieved:
  •  measurable increase in popularity and audience ( 5,500 patrons attended)
  •  a unique and multi level education and mentoring program continued: “Working with Masters” for children from 8 to 12,  masterclasses for young professionals, programs in more than 15  local schools  and universities, and  adult workshops.
  • vastly improved  general presentation and aesthetic ( better sound system, better acoustic canopy, better audience overhead coverage).
  •  established festival’s proprietary orchestra ( including members of the “Met”.)
  •  evaluated, analyzed and expanded marketing strategy ( coverage in New York City, active social media, “ads” exchanges with institutions such as” Glimmerglass” and “Caramoor” Festival).
  •  initiated the concept of an ” Opera Belt”, connecting the Glimmerglass Festival, 90minutes west  from Phoenicia.
  •  this year the festival and it’s patrons welcomed Ira Siff to our prestigious advisory board. Also,developed  more effective intern, staff, operation and production teams.
  •  developed corporate support  sponsorship activity which resulted in an expanded marketing capability, locally and regionally.

Our communities suffered greatly in 2011 with tropical storm.  More than ever efforts to attract people to the area are vital.

The Phoenicia Festival of the Voice  has a positive effect on our area by uplifting people’s spirits and stimulating the local economy through bringing thousands of new customers to our many businesses. Numerous studies by organizations such as Americans for the Arts have shown that successful arts festivals are good for the economy- that wherever Festivals thrive, business thrives .

We  continue to need support  to fund such vital aspects as our sound system, children’s program, construction of the festival stage, supertitles add apparatus, the orchestra, website  design,  printing of publicity materials and the myriad other details of festival production.

Please consider contributing to the ” Phoenicia Int’l Festival of the Voice”. Be it in the “tens”, the hundreds” or “thousands”,  each is accepted  with grace’ and each is appreciated.
Your demonstration of affection matched with your personal generosity is “humbling ” and you will be thanked  with a world class standard of performance and affection back to you. Your dollars are applied immediately and we assure you are put to good use. All contributions are tax deductible.