Working with Master Starts!!!

From Monday 20th to Friday 24th.. a great 8 to 12 Music program at the Emerson with Orff Instruments and great Faculty!

register early next year!!! class is totally sold out!


Divas in Phoenicia in 2015

The incomparables  Frederica Von Stade, Lauren Flanigan, Victoria Livengood, Susan Powell, Rosalind Elias , Sheila Jordan!

A rare bouquet of mastery , grace and femininity .



Native American Beauty!

Seeing  & ListeningComposer/Performer & Artist/Educator Joan Henry is a traditional Song-Carrier & hahesh’kah (lead drummer) for elders among the Nde’, Coast Salish, Shoshone, Tsalagi, Chippewa/Cree and Dakota nations who identified her as a youth and guided her training, picking up where her grandmothers began when they ‘opened her hands’ and sang – to everything – with her as a child. But wait, there’s more…

Featured in the recent Off-Off Broadway production CEDARS at La Mama Experimental Theatre, & currently in rehearsal as Lady MacBeth for Amerinda Theatre’s all-Native NYC production of the notorious‘Scottish Play,” this vocalist, actress, dancer, composer, poet-lyricist, percussionist and choreographer appears on a slew of recordings including two jazz albums with stellar jazz drummer Jack DeJohnette – Earthwalk” and Music for the Fifth World, alongside guitarist John Schofield & Living Colour’s Will Calhoun & Vernon Reid. Co-Founder of the Native jazz/fusion band Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth and acclaimed traditional women’s drum group Mothers of Nations Singers & Dancers, she recently debuted an intergenerational à cappella ensemble, LISTEN! for the Center for Creative Education in Kingston, doing everything from beatbox and R&B to originals. Her own works include solo CDs of Native traditional songs and stories – one co-produced with her son; a jazz/fusion release with Haudenosaunee keyboardist/flautist Dennis Yerry, Siga/One Day ; the contemporary “New Mountain” -with musical ally Gus Mancini, the Sultan of Sonic Soul; and new works with a “new straight-ahead-jazz-band-with-a-twist” on the horizon.
UN Party for Peace- JAH with drum crop
Performance credits span the National Tour of Camelot with Richard Harris, the West Side Story 30th Anniversary Company, TV-movie Everyday Heroes, Walt Disney’s Pocahontas, LionsGate film Blood Red Earth; she is honored to also have worked with guitarist Kenny Burrell, Pete Seeger, Cornelius (Neal) Tate, Waylon Jennings, Paul Winter, David Amram and R. Carlos Nakai, to name a few.
Her talents have been honed by the hands and works of Gerald Freedman & Graciela Daniele, Jerome Robbins & Allan Johnson, Talley Beatty, Danny Sloan, Lynn Simonson, Ray Evans Harrell and John Mace of the Julliard School. Ms. Henry teaches and lectures at schools, universities and museums from Wellesley and Vassar Colleges to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian in New York City. She and her family make their home on Spruceton Mountain in the Northern Catskills, where they welcome this season’s Thunders. It is her prayer that she honors her grandparents and elders who guided her “to sing our world new every morning – and sing it to sleep each night.”
back shot@Marlene's album drop



INUITS Throat Singers… amazing!



Charlotte and Cynthia are known as a Inuit throat singing duo called “Silla”. The name comes from the word “Sila” in their Inuktitut dialect meaning weather. Sila is what surrounds us; it is what connects us to our land, to the moon, sun and stars, the ocean and the air we breathe. In respecting and honoring the need to preserve Inuit culture and paying homage to our land and the strong connection to its spirituality, we experience and perform the sounds of traditional and contemporary throat songs.

Cynthia (Kimmirut, NU) and Charlotte (Iglulik, NU) are urban Inuit who were born and raised in Nunavut, but have made their home in Ontario. They have 10+ years of experience performing traditional Inuit throat songs that have been passed on and shared among Inuit women. They also perform contemporary styles of throat singing and have both traveled nationally and internationally for performances and collaborations.

Their first self-titled album debut was in 2007 called ‘Tumivut‘ released by Arbor Records. Tumivut, literally translates to “Our Footsteps” in Inuktitut, it was a music project that married traditional Inuit throat singing with multiple styles of music.

Their next self-titled album “Silla & Rise” will be released this summer of 2015, here is a link of their debut hit “Kuuq / Flood”


Latte Lectures.

o-COFFEE-TEA-TASTE-facebookA yummy espresso drink and a delicious talk about all things operatic! Enjoy tasty tidbits from Mama’s Boy  Cafe while you injest tasty bits of information on everything going on at the festival of the Voice. Our artists, conductors and directors will sit down and stimulate you, inform you and entertain you with history, tradition and fun anecdotes about the composers, opera, music, history, performers and more. You will learn and laugh- and what you take away with your caffeine jolt will add tremendously to your appreciation and enjoyment of what you will hear on stage at the festival. Don’t miss the festival’s special Latte Lectures, hosted by the stars of the festival.

Friday, August 1

10am- free event

Guests: Frédéric Chaslin ( Composer), P.H.Fisher ( Librettist) and Eric Einhorn ( Stage director and Co-founder of Opera On Site.)

Saturday, August 2

10am- free event

Guests: Beth Greenberg , Elizabeth Scott about the ” Barber of Seville”, Rossini and Beaumarchais.

Sunday, August 3

10am- free event

Guest: Brian Asawa, world acclaimed counter tenor: “The Art of The Castrati”.




Our annual ” Main Street banners ” are here!

banner kids2 2014About the Creation of the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice Banner By Brenda Goodman ( Artist)

“In the first stage of the project, five 13 year olds made drawings of their vision of what should be on the banner. We agreed that the fan design, created by Hominy, best portrayed the spirit of this year’s festival. With my guidance, Hominy and Alexandra enlarged and painted the image on a large piece of foam core at the scale of the banner. For me, it was challenging and rewarding to watch these young people create designs, try different color schemes, and make the final decision of which one we’d use to hang on Main Street, Phoenicia, for the Festival. In the process, they learned about color, mixing paints, and methods of applying it on the surface. The kids came through with flying colors with a bright and beautiful banner that can be seen all the way down the street. I am happy to have been a part of this project and I applaud them.”

Brenda Goodman


Hominy McMahon

Alexandra Bailey

Fenner Osmond Friedman

Marlon Dubois

Ginger McMahon