The Festival of The Voice Foundation Launches CAPA

The Catskills Academy for Performing Arts is the latest program  of  the  Phoenicia Festival of The Voice Foundation.It represents the educational departement of the Foundation and  has for mission to promote the human voice and in general the performing arts as an instrument of peace, healing, artistic expression, and self enrichment by presenting world class educational programs from technical, administrative, production aspects of the performing arts to artistic disciplines and performances of opera, song, poetry, baroque music, world music, contemporary choral and instrumental music as well as Theatre pieces and the Dance.

 CAPA is intended to also serve as an “economic engine” for the greater Catskills community. That is: To place Phoenicia on the map as a major year round cultural destination for people from local communities, the Hudson Valley, New York City, and beyond.

All year round, CAPA offers programs for the community, developing like this the audiences of the future and sharing the joy of performing arts to the dilettante , bonding members of the community together but essentially has the mission to serve and encourage the next generations of talents and young professionals.

CAPA will develop and add additional programs as it continues to grow within the primary purposes driven by our primary mission.

Finally, CAPA hope to establish itself as an important cultural institution in the North East, support the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice on request and serve also, as said earlier, as a significant player in the Ulster County, NY economy.

The Catskills Academy of Performing Arts


Announcing a workshop of Clarimonde A new opera by composer Frédéric Chaslin and librettist P.H. Fisher co-production between On Site Opera and FofV

workshop of Clarimonde
A new opera by composer Frédéric Chaslin
and librettist P.H. Fisher

co-production between On Site Opera and
The Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice
August 2, 2014 at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church
(109 Main St, Phoenicia, NY 12464)
Clarimonde is an adaptation of La Morte Amoureuseby Théophile Gautier in the genre of the conte fantastique where science fiction, fantasy and magic realism merge.Chaslin himself will conduct and Eric Einhorn will direct a cast including Alyson Cambridge ( Mezzo-soprano) as Clarimonde, Aaron Blake (tenor) as Romualdo, Louis Otey (baritone) as Bishop Serapion and Clayton Mathews (bass-baritone) as The Maker.
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Founded in 2012, On Site Opera is dedicated to producing site-specific opera in non-traditional venues throughout New York. On Site Opera molds its productions to specific locations using physical space to create an environment in which the concept, storytelling, music, and performers unite to form an immersive, cohesive, and meaningful whole. Praised by BBC News as “innovative” and by The New York Times for their “seductive” productions, On Site Opera has presented Shostakovich at The Bronx Zoo and Gershwin at Harlem’s legendary Cotton Club. On Site Opera, a registered 501(c)(3), is a member of Opera America and the New York Opera Alliance. More information:

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Masked Ball, Nov.2 2013.. at Spillian Mansion